The first screen of my take on an issue tracker shows an overview of all the issues registered so far.

tab 0: list

The original version uses xml files for each project's collection of issues. That means you can start it up using a filename or, when you omit that, choose one using a file selector. The other version uses the sql database the web version also uses, and you only have to specify the project name. For this you are presented with a selector like this:

startup dialog sql version

In this application, there is not much difference between the two versions. One is the columns that are displayed on the list screen:

colums in the xml version columns in the sql version

Note also that in the xml version's title bar the filename is shown, whereas in the sql version's just the project name is mentioned.

The way the data is presented can be influenced by using some of the buttons on the bottom of the screen.

One opens up a selection dialog:

selection options

Another opens up a sort dialog. This should make it possible to sort on more that one column (otherwise you can just click on a column header) but this doesn't work yet.

sort options

The menus are largely the same for both versions and are explained here

The other pages also have the same layout between the versions, see here